jeudi 13 avril 2017

Journée de service à Camdem


La journée de mercredi a été riche en émotions.
Le matin nous assisté au chemin de croix.

Opening Prayer: Deacon John Mischler

Stations of the Cross Visual - Prezi

Kate Murphy: The First Station - Jesus is condemned to die.
We adore you, o Christ and we bless you.
Response: Because by Your Holy Cross, You have redeemed the world.

Kate Murphy: Sometimes we are placed with burdens or circumstances that we cannot change no matter how much we might like to. These circumstances can seem life alternating and utterly hopeless. In these times of despair we should do as Jesus did when he was condemned to death and put our full trust in God. Yet, this blind trust is not a sign of relinquishing hope or weakness, rather it is a sign of love and confidence in God. Truly, by putting our faith in God we will gain hope and tranquility knowing we are in God’s hands.

Prayer: Jesus, forgive us for the ways in which we condemn and pierce others with our words and actions. Help us to love like you and to learn from your example.

Rachel Murray: The Second Station - Jesus carries His cross.
We adore you, o Christ and we bless you.
Response: Because by Your Holy Cross, You have redeemed the world.

Rachel Murray: By now Jesus has endured a sleepless night, betrayal by His friends, and a beating that is too horrible to fully imagine. He’s been whipped, stripped, and spit on by countless faces, some of whom last week treated Him as royalty as He entered the city. And now, they hand Him a cross to carry. The weight of it is far more than any number of pounds we can figure. For in carrying the cross, He carries the weight of our sins.

How often do we forget that Jesus has carried the load for us? How often do we try to carry things on our own, not allowing Jesus to help us? It was not only the sins of the world that He carried; it was our sin, our selfishness, our pride, our anger. Each added more weight to the load. And it was not only our sin Jesus carried but also my burdens, our worries, our fears, our sadness, our insecurities. Each Jesus carried step by step up towards Golgotha, the place of the Skull.

Prayer: Jesus, help us not to forget the load that you carried for me. Give us the strength and the courage to let go of those things that separate us from you.

Miss G: The Third Station - Jesus falls the first time.
We adore you, o Christ and we bless you.
Response: Because by Your Holy Cross, You have redeemed the world.

Miss G: While I’ve never been a sports player myself, I’ve watched my fair share of softball games, volleyball games and basketball games. Having gone to a college where women’s basketball was a big deal, despite only being a D3 school, I’ve grown into a special appreciation for the sport - ask anyone who sits near me, I can get pretty rowdy. Basketball can be a tough sport with all the defense, boxing out and more. People get elbowed, knocked around and knocked down. What has always infuriated me, however, was when a player viciously knocked down my players. I know, I know it’s basketball - it’s the rule of the game - defense. I get so flustered as my players are knocked the ground and left as the rest of the game moves on.

This year, however, I witnessed something that, at first brought me to tears. My team is heavy defense as an opposing team player goes for a lay-up. Defense works, the ball gets knocked out of bounds and the opposing team player finds herself on the ground. Within seconds, as if without even thinking twice, the defense player reaches her hand down and helps the opposing player up. As if that wasn’t enough, they exchange a hug. The other player seems confused but accepts the hug and my player just swiftly goes back to playing. She helped the fallen up just because it’s what she would have down in any situation. She didn’t do it for glory or attention. She did it out of compassion for others, even those she did not know. And she didn’t do it once or twice that game, she did it every opportunity she could in every game I watched.

We all fall. We all need to get back up. We even knock others down. But we don’t always help those who have fallen. Can we reach down a hand? Can we exchange a hug? Can we do it simply because? Can we have courage?

Prayer: Jesus, help us to remember your courage and perseverance when you fell. Give us the courage to get back up when we fall. Help us remember that it is worth it to live as you lived.

Mr. Gambone: The Fourth Station - Jesus meets His Mother.
We adore you, o Christ and we bless you.
Response: Because by Your Holy Cross, You have redeemed the world.

Mr. Gambone: As Jesus struggles with the Cross, I often imagine he encounters his mother Mary along the way, and she meets his pained expression with courage, even as their hearts break. Frequently, I suddenly stop when a simple detail about Mary and her son comes to mind: neither Christ, nor his mother Mary, let their hearts give way to hate in the midst of terrible suffering. Moment by moment, step by step, on the way of the Cross, both Jesus and Mary choose faith, hope, and loving service in spite of the darkness around them. They don't give into the darkness. Honestly, I really wish I could be more like them.

Mary gives Jesus strength to continue, because he sees in his mother's completely perfect love everything that his life and work can accomplish for all people, for all time: closeness with God to do God's work, that all may be one.

Do we recognize the mothers in our lives who strengthen us to continue walking? Whether mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers, or other women who have stepped into the role of mother, let's take a moment to thank God for their presence in our lives and how they've walked with us, even when our hearts feel broken.  And let's ask for the courage to walk with Mary and like Mary:

Mother of us all, help us to stay close to you, so we can be courageous and strong like you.

Prayer: Jesus, help us to remember that we am never alone in our struggles. Help us to see our parents as you saw yours. Help us know their love for us and when things are hard between us, help us to remember the light of your Mother in our lives.

Megan McBride: The Fifth Station - Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry His cross.
We adore you, o Christ and we bless you.
Response: Because by Your Holy Cross, You have redeemed the world.

Megan McBride: The fifth station of the cross is Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry his cross. As Jesus was going through his journey each step he took he became weaker and weaker.  A man named Simon was pulled from the crowd to help Jesus. Simon apprehensively helped Jesus. Helping the dear neighbor is not always easy nor is it what we want to do, however, like Simon of Cyrene we can take the time to help someone carry their cross. Even though we may not always see a person’s trouble, a simple hello or smile could help decrease the weight of their burden. Many of times I have failed to help one of my parents, siblings or friends. And even sometimes say ‘I’m just too busy to help’ but I could have been the saving grace they needed that day. As humans it is natural to think of ourselves first but helping other people calls us to put our wants and needs behind others. In my life a Simon of Cyrene would be my mom. No matter what she is going through she never fails to put others first and help them in their time of needs. She drops everything she is doing to be at their side and aid them through their troubles. She is always happy and willing to help you carry your cross. The strength she possess is a strength I wish to acquire in order to be as selfless and giving as her. Simon posed this same strength when helping Jesus so I ask you to think of the Simon of Cyrene in your life and thank them for what they do for you. I also encourage you to be a Simon of Cyrene in someone else's life because you do not know how much one small act of kindness could change someone's day.

Prayer: Jesus, open our ears to hear the ways that you call us to serve. Help us follow Simon’s example of helping others. Help us to know what it means to be a true and faithful servant.

Adrianna Mancini: The Sixth Station - Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus
We adore you, o Christ and we bless you.
Response: Because by Your Holy Cross, You have redeemed the world.

Adrianna Mancini:
I can only imagine the pain Jesus was experiencing from the brutal mockery by the soldiers to the unbearable weight of the cross that would soon lead to his crucifixion. His pain, his discomfort is seen by everyone, yet there is only one person in the crowd that has enough courage to break free and console Jesus. Veronica shows herself to be a true friend, a true disciple of Jesus in an attempt to alleviate his brutal pain. Sometimes, we as humans become overwhelmed and stressed in balancing all of our commitments. By having a compassionate and loving friend to be there with you through life’s challenges, we become encouraged and confident that we will get through the hard times. Facing situations together assures all of us that we are never alone in this world and in heaven. Let us pray and strive to be like Veronica to help our friends and others in their time of need.

Prayer: Jesus, help us to see your presence in others. Give us the courage to follow Veronica’s example of treating others with love even when no one else does.

Callie Shinkle: The Seventh Station - Jesus falls the Second Time
We adore you, o Christ and we bless you.
Response: Because by Your Holy Cross, You have redeemed the world.

Callie Shinkle: High school is full of struggles that we face every day: long car rides, hard classes, big tests to study for, sports practices, the college process. Sometimes it feels like pressure is always on us and that we are falling under the weight of it all. Our lives start to spiral out of control and it can be hard to see God in the stressful times. However, looking at this station shows us that God did not promise us an easy life. Rather He promises to stick by us in times of suffering. In times of trouble and confusion, God has not abandoned us but holds us closer than ever.
When Jesus fell a second time, many in the crowd around Him saw weakness. They saw a man who was pushed so hard that He had no strength left. However, Jesus climbed back on His feet and kept going. His greatest triumph came from failure, His greatest show of power was exhibited in a moment where he lacked so much strength that He fell to the ground. In times of failure in my own life I look to Jesus’ Second Fall to remind myself that I am not defined my failures and that my greatest successes are yet to come.

Prayer: Jesus, help us to believe in your faithfulness and love for us. Give us the grace to follow through on our  word to others. Help me to be a person of integrity.

Kelly Gross: The Eighth Station - Jesus Meets the Women
We adore you, o Christ and we bless you.
Response: Because by Your Holy Cross, You have redeemed the world.

Kelly Gross: From this station, we can learn a lot about selflessness and our need to help others. Even as Jesus carries his cross, he is thinking of others. He does not let his immense pain and suffering stand in the way of caring for those who need him most. Recently, I have seen this in my own life through my mother. She recently broke her ankle, had to go through surgery, and is now in a boot and walking with crutches. Each day she wakes up with pain and every time she slightly moves she’s reminded of that pain. But still, every morning and every time I get home, the first thing I hear is my mother’s voice asking how I am or how MY day went. She listens to any problems I might have to complain about and offers advice and guidance. And still even when she can’t walk, she manages to somehow make me coffee every morning.
This lenten season, my mom showed me what it truly means to be selfless. Everyday she puts the needs of those around her above her own as Jesus did. Jesus’ compassion toward the women and children he met reminds us that we must care for each other in times of struggle or despair. Even though we may have problems of our own, it is important for us all to offer each other comfort and friendship. In this station, we are reminded to not only see when others are hurting, but to have the courage and compassion to do something to make them feel better.

Prayer: Jesus, help us to listen to your words of life. Show us ways that we can put you first.

Kelly Ward: The Ninth Station - Jesus Falls the Third Time
We adore you, o Christ and we bless you.
Response: Because by Your Holy Cross, You have redeemed the world.

Kelly Ward: Again Jesus falls, this time from sheer exhaustion. Only His will presses Him forward while His body refuses. How difficult it must be to be Him, fully God and fully man. God knows that this has to be finished and that it is not yet complete. Man feels the excruciating pain and every bone in Jesus’ body wants to stop right here and move no further. Somehow both join together and He musters the strength to get up. He vows to not fall again because now He can see the place they are leading Him to. He knows the end is close and so He presses on.

How many times have we let our flesh win over our spirit? How often have we chosen to sin rather than to follow Jesus’ way? Was it our sin that became too heavy that He fell this third time?

Prayer: Jesus, help us to follow your ways. Help us remember your victory over our sin. Give us the grace to recognize when we sin and the desire to sin no more.

Mrs. Kennedy: The Tenth Station - Jesus is stripped of His garments
We adore you, o Christ and we bless you.
Response: Because by Your Holy Cross, You have redeemed the world.

Mrs. Kennedy: Naked.  Vulnerable.  Nothing to hide behind.  As Jesus is stripped of his garments, we are invited to consider ways that others are stripped of their clothing and their dignity in our world today.  I am haunted by the images of the young children I see on the news, innocent victims of war, fleeing countries full of corruption and violence, clothes falling off of their backs.  Unsure of where they are headed, where their parents and siblings are, lost and frightened.  Naked. Vulnerable.  Nothing to hide behind.  How do we respond to Jesus being stripped of his clothing today, in front of our eyes?

During the tenth station, we are also invited to reflect on ways we might allow ourselves to be naked, to really be seen, without pretense, without the masks we wear to hide our insecurities….  To be seen for who we truly are.  What are the masks that I wear?  What are the ways that I deflect attention from myself so that people don’t see who I truly am?  Do I share my insecurities with others or project an image of perfection and control?  Help us to be more like Jesus.  Humble, vulnerable, real.

Prayer: Jesus, help us to look past the outside of others. Help us not to judge them by how they look or what they wear. Help us to find our self worth and identity in you.

Mrs. Escobar: The Eleventh Station - Jesus is Nailed to the Cross
We adore you, o Christ and we bless you.
Response: Because by Your Holy Cross, You have redeemed the world.

Mrs. Escobar:
Think about the past four days.  When were you asked to do something?  When were you asked to meet a deadline, complete a project, write an essay, fulfill work or chores around the house or at school? How did you respond when you first heard about these tasks?  Did you respond with patience?  Joy?  Excitement? Did you cry out about it? Did you complain or begrudge the task?  Did you work on the task with half-hearted effort?  Did you experience physical pain?  Emotional pain? Social pain? Spiritual pain? Mental pain?

Jesus was violently thrown upon the cross and his hands and feet nailed to it.  In such excruciating pains He remained silent.  He suffered patiently, because He suffered for you and for me.  Jesus couldn’t give a little.  He had to give everything and so must we. The eleventh station asks each of us: How do you act when called to do something? How do you act in sufferings and in troubles?  Jesus’ patient suffering is a source of strength for each of us because we know that when we suffer, Jesus suffers with us.  We are asked to give our everything. How willing are you?

Prayer: Jesus, we’re sorry for nailing you to the cross with our own sin. Help us to seek your forgiveness and mercy for the times that we sin.

Julie: The Twelfth Station - Jesus Dies on the Cross
We adore you, o Christ and we bless you.
Response: Because by Your Holy Cross, You have redeemed the world.

Julie: When we were younger, many of us asked our parents and our grandparents how much they loved us. Some parents used their arms stretched wide to show that their love is never- ending, they love us “thiiiiiiiiiis much.” In turn, they would asked us the same question. We would stretch our little arms as far as they could. We giggled, we laughed, but our parents and grandparents arms were always larger and longer than ours. They always loved us more.

Now imagine Jesus, arms stretched wide from east to west, one scarred hand to the other. Are you courageous enough to ask him, “Jesus, how much do you love me?” Are you courageous enough to hear the answer, “I love you this much - as far as the east is from the west?” Are you courageous enough to rest in his mercy?

Prayer: Jesus, help us never forget your love for us. Help us to know that you died for us. Fill us with comfort in knowing that we never suffer anything you don’t understand.

Grace Gelone: The Thirteenth Station - Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross
We adore you, o Christ and we bless you.
Response: Because by Your Holy Cross, You have redeemed the world.

Grace Gelone: As we gather to grieve the loss of our dear Savior and reflect upon his sacrifice for us, let us not forget the grief and sacrifice of His mother.  She is the one who had to remain behind, the one who had to remember, the one who lived every day waiting for that one wonderful day when she could be reunited with her child.  She was tasked with trying to find joy and purpose in every day, in spite of being broken.  Motherhood is the most sacred of all relationships. Mother gives life. It is mother that men cry for as they lay dying.  It is at once the greatest joy on Earth and the loss of a child is the greatest agony one can experience.

Mary, Mother of God, you chose the “bitter-sweet”, the will of the Father not yours. You endured it all.  You taught us to help each other, to keep faith and how to wait. Thank you for teaching us that it is when life brings you to your knees and humbles you that you are invited to grow to the next stage of Consciousness, where you learn a little more about what it means to be human, and that the light will always overpower the darkness. The day will come and bring the Oneness with it.

Prayer: Jesus, help us to trust in you. Help us to place all of our hope in you and give us peace in knowing that you are Lord over all things.

Dr. Balcer: The Fourteenth Station - Jesus is Laid in the Tomb
We adore you, o Christ and we bless you.
Response: Because by Your Holy Cross, You have redeemed the world.

Dr. Balcer:
The Burial of Jesus by Dr. Balcer

The scribes who scanned the burial moments
seem certain that it was Joseph, the Arimathean,
who carried the body away from Calvary,
wrapped it in linen, and laid Jesus in a tomb--
a tomb hewn in rock, sacred, silent.
Where the Gospel givers digress is in their accounts
of the women who followed Jesus
from Galilee to that tomb.
Most are certain about the presence of
Mary Magdalene, Jesus’ steady friend,
the one with the questionable past.
And about Mary, the mother of James,
the one who knew a mother’s heartbreak,
But surely there were others—
Luke mentions a Joanna, and Mark, a Salome;
Matthew mentions many women
looking on from a distance.
They probably drew closer,
watched the anointing,
determined to bring back--when the Sabbath was past--
exotic ointments, scented spices and myrrh
to dress the body and line the linen.
I wonder about those women
who followed Jesus the whole way,
even when most of the apostles had fled.
Who else was there?
The woman caught in adultery?
The woman from the well?
The woman cured after she bled for years?
And I wonder--
With darkness falling,
did any of the women turn back to look at the tomb
and to whisper, “We believe in you.  
We know you will come back.
You promised”?

Prayer: Jesus, help us always remember that death is not the end. Give us the strength to say the words, ‘I love you’ to those people in our lives that we do love. Help us to love every person not just in words but also with our actions.

Puis nous sommes partis pour une journée de service à Camdem.
Le père MacCue nous a accueillis et nous a parlé de ce quartier. Camdem est un des quartier les plus pauvres des Etats Unis, nous avons alors travaillé aux abords de l'école, balayage des rues, jardinage et garderie du soir à l'école élémentaire.

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